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What Past Attendees Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our Representatives do the talking!

“If you’re serious about your business and moving forward, you have to go to RepFest! It’s so inspiring, almost magical. You see all these people that you almost idolize for all they’ve accomplished, and you realize they’re just like you – and that this is achievable for you too! Your business grows at RepFest, but so do you.”

Ursulette Huntley

Gold Ambassador

“RepFest opens up whole new worlds for you. I learned how to fundraise at RepFest, which I’ve now been able to do with a local hospital. I also had a recognition moment on stage, which is still so exciting to remember. RepFest helped me take my business to the next level – in fact, I advanced in title when I got home!”

Crystal Spurlin

Gold Ambassador

“Don’t think of RepFest as an expense; it’s an investment. An investment into your business, and an investment into yourself. You are inspired, you gain new knowledge and tools, you meet new friends. The more you push yourself to break out of your comfort zone, the more you will benefit. Once you go, you’ll never miss it again!”

April Berry

Bronze Leader

“You meet your Avon idols and hear them speak, be the first to see new products, learn all kinds of new business tips and ideas, get to know other Avon Representatives, and create momentum to go into sales for the new year. You have to come to RepFest!”

Anne-Marie Prince

Gold Ambassador and Honor Society

“I’ve been coming to RepFest since before it was even called RepFest! Knowledge is power. Set a goal, and at RepFest, you’ll learn dozens of ways to make it a reality!”

Dionna Stevens

Gold Leader

“The seminars are great. There are so many different topics, and you can choose the ones that will benefit you the most. They’re a great opportunity to learn, ask questions and get answers, and discuss the topics with others who attended the same classes.”

Eleanor Walsh

Gold Ambassador and Honor Society

“It’s important to stay ahead of the new trends and how our products fit in with them. RepFest helps you prepare for the holiday selling season with new products, new ideas on selling, and promoting yourself and your business. It’s so exciting.”

Marjorie M. Kritchman

Gold Ambassador and Honor Society

“Nobody throws a party like Avon does! It’s a celebration, you feel pampered, and you can tell Avon cares about you and your success. It’s also great to bond with your team at RepFest. You get together and everyone’s so excited about what we’re learning – the ideas are flying like popcorn!”

Valorie Westberg

Gold Ambassador and Honor Society